Transforming Individuals, ensembles and Organisations


As an international speaker, I have preseneted across Europe and the US, including at the World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia and for the Piano Teachers Congress of New York. I look at how we can optimise our understanding of psychology and innate mental wellbeing to perform at our highest potential. 

I have a deep understanding of performance from multiple perspectives from my varied experience as a performance coach, hypnotherapist, musician, teacher, business owner and speaker. I understand the complex dynamics of an orchestra or chamber group, the challenges of a solo career and the pressures of touring and busy schedules. I understand how stress and anxiety can affect both performance and fulfilment, and how we can best optimise our psychology to overcome those challenges.

I design bespoke presentations, workshops and retreats for organisations, institutions, festivals and conferences around the world. If you’d like to hire me for your event, get in touch and we can have a conversation.