Express Yourself


The Way To Stress-Free Performance


Being a pianist can be lonely. Mental blocks caused by anxiety or stress can hugely affect your confidence, success and fulfilment in performance.

Sometimes, even the most seasoned pianist can experience performance anxiety. It can catch you off guard and be really debilitating. It can get in the way of you being able to truly express yourself and enjoy everything about the instrument you are so passionate about. It can cause you to doubt yourself, and this can have a knock-on effect on your ability to perform with consistency, confidence and freedom.

I can help you to break free from mental blocks such as performance anxiety, self-doubt, or insecurity so that you are able to express yourself freely without worrying about memory slips, mistakes or losing control of your nerves. I can help you to feel liberated from negative thoughts which pull you out of flow. You can find the freedom to just be who you are, with no thinking about it. 

Freedom To Be Yourself

I believe that to perform is to be human. It is an expression of who you are in your truest essence. Trying to define yourself by what you do is a losing battle. 

Imagine if you could be yourself with no apology, and feel at home on stage whatever the circumstances:

  • You would express yourself in performance without holding back
  • You would deal with the pressures of a performing career and weather life’s storms with strength and resilience
  • You would perform at your best with confidence, skill, passion, spontaneity and enjoyment
  • You would feel truly connected to your audience, yourself, your art and life itself, without the need for drugs
  • You would have the courage to be vulnerable without fear of judgement
  • You would feel secure in who you are both on and off the stage

How would it feel to know that you no longer have to put on an act or be superhuman anymore? You can be truly valued for who you are, and the art you bring into the world, just by being human, and by being yourself. 

"I feel more alive and more focused when performing than ever before."

"Playing in front of others used to be mortifying, conjuring up feelings of self-doubt and fear. After sessions with Christina, I now find myself more in flow..."

I run retreats and workshops around the world, as well as intensive one-to-one  coaching to help you feel confident and free to express yourself with no apology.

Allow The Nerves To Drop Away

Find more freedom, flow and fulfilment in your piano playing. Be prepared for a transformational experience which can not only give you improved confidence and clarity in performance, but have a big impact on the rest of your life. You will experience a wonderfully supportive environment and be part of a community of like-minded pianists – be prepared to make some special friendships too!

2020 dates coming soon.