Play with Confidence,
Freedom and Flow

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Would you like to:

  • feel more confident and in control whilst performing?
  • experience more natural flow and expression in your performances?
  • feel free to be yourself, without fear of judgement?
  • silence your inner critic and have more clarity of mind?
  • experience more success and fulfilment in playing and in life?
  • feel supported, and part of a community?

I can help you to break free from performance anxiety, so that you are able to express yourself freely without worrying about making mistakes or losing control of your nerves. You can feel liberated from the weight of your thoughts about whether you are good enough, or what people think of you. You can find the freedom to just be who you are, with no thinking about it. My clients often find that this in itself is truly transformational.

There are many ‘quick fix’ approaches out there, but my approach is at the leading edge of psychology. I can help you to have a paradigm shift so that you are no longer afraid of your experience. This deep understanding is what creates powerful lasting results which continue to strengthen over time.

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How to Prevent Nerves From Ruining Your Performance

FREE live training for pianists

Being a pianist can be lonely, so if you are experiencing blocks and challenges these can feel like an uphill struggle.

Performance anxiety can be really debilitating to pianists and performers of all levels and abilities. It can get in the way of you being able to truly express yourself and enjoy everything about the instrument you are so passionate about.

Why should you suffer so much, for something you love?

The Ultimate Pianist Transformation:

A life-changing programme to help you to step into the most thriving version of yourself. This programme is for you if you want to let go of any baggage holding you back from being the pianist and person you want to be, whether it’s performance anxiety, lack of confidence, self-doubt/impostor syndrome, or anything else. You can expect to experience deep changes in relation to your confidence, success and fulfilment not just in your piano playing, but in your whole life. Book a discovery call with me to find out more.

Working with Christina was an effortless and illuminating experience. Now I find myself approaching performances without fear but rather with anticipation. Although I still do get ‘nerves’, it isn’t accompanied by a sense of impending doom! Instead, I feel more alive and more focused when performing than ever before.