Get paid what you deserve, stand out from the crowd
and make an impact

Are you feeling undervalued, underpaid, stressed or anxious?

I know what being a professional performing artist is like. Often, the challenges of the profession can cause so much stress and anxiety that it can impact on your love for what you do and threaten your livelihood.

I can help you to find the spark you may have lost and regain a sense of purpose and fulfilment, so that you can experience more success, and receive the recognition and value which reflect your level of skill and artistry. I can help you to find the confidence which is already there within you and calling you to stand out from the crowd to make a difference.

“I have a vision to see the arts thriving, to help artists to receive the income, value and recognition they deserve by being bold, creating and innovating, and reinstating the importance and value of the arts in culture, economy and the wider society.”

As a professional freelance musician I used to feel stressed, anxious, undervalued and underpaid. I was barely scraping a living, was in a lot of pain and working crazy hours just to pay the bills. Some of my colleagues around me were bitter, resentful and complaining, and I had serious questions about whether this was the career path for me. I had reached burnout after just 10 years, it was so far from the dream I imagined. I became disillusioned and negative, and began to lose my passion for music.

Today I am in a very different place. I play music in a way which fulfils my passion and fits perfectly with who I am. I choose to focus my time on playing the piano over double bass which is a better fit for me physically. I create my own performance opportunities and only play the repertoire I want to play.

Now I love to share my skills, knowledge and experience as a musician and a coach to help other musicians, actors and dancers to find their purpose, unlock their vision and create a career which fits with their true authenticity.

Find out how I can help you to break free from stage fright, anxiety, depression or addiction