Freedom To Be Yourself and Perform To Your Potential

Being Yourself On Stage Can Feel Vulnerable


I believe that to perform is to be human. It is an expression of who you are in your truest essence. Trying to define yourself by what you do is a losing battle. 

Imagine if you could be yourself with no apology, and feel at home on stage whatever the circumstances:

  • You would express yourself in performance without holding back
  • You would deal with the pressures of a performing career and weather life’s storms with strength and resilience
  • You would perform at your best with confidence, skill, passion, spontaneity and enjoyment
  • You would feel truly connected to your audience, yourself, your art and life itself, without the need for drugs
  • You would have the courage to be vulnerable without fear of judgement
  • You would feel secure in who you are both on and off the stage

How would it feel to know that you no longer have to put on an act or be superhuman anymore? You can be truly valued for who you are, and the art you bring into the world, just by being human, and by being yourself. 

I run retreats and workshops around the world, as well as intensive one-to-one  coaching to help you feel confident and free to express yourself with no apology. Book a conversation with me to explore how I can help you.

Are you feeling stressed or anxious?


I know what being a professional performing artist is like. Often, the challenges of the profession can cause so much stress and anxiety that it can impact your love for what you do and threaten your livelihood and mental health.

I can help you to experience less stress and anxiety so that you can be free to do what you do best. I want you to feel free to express who you truly are without any mental blocks getting in your way, so that you can experience more success and fulfilment. I can help you to find the confidence which is already there within you and calling you to stand out, make an impact, connect deeply with your audience and thrive as a performer.

Find out how I can help you remove the mental blocks to performing at your highest potential and expressing youtself on stage with confidence. 

“Hello, I’m Christina. It’s my mission to raise awareness of mental health issues within the performing arts industries, and to provide a remarkable solution which not only supports artists in the pressures to thrive and succeed at the highest level, but frees them to be unapologetically themselves on stage.”