The Pianist Mastermind

A safe space where pianists come together to bust through the myths of performance anxiety as they experience transformation in all areas of life, especially on stage.



Dear pianist,

I would like to invite you to take part in something completely revolutionary that could change your performances and life forever…

People like us don’t really talk about performance anxiety. I used to be so afraid to show my fears, I thought they were a sign to everyone that I was weak. Everyone else seemed to have it all together, I only seemed able to focus on my own faults, my own mistakes, my own bad performances.

This paralysed me and despite my instinctive love of playing the piano, I became so fearful I wouldn’t even play in front of my boyfriend at home. The idea of doing a performance in front of people who might judge me was absolutely terrifying.

Of course, the more I thought about the fear the more fear I had. This vicious cycle of underachievement and unfulfillment continued until I couldn’t physically take anymore. I knew I had so much more in me, I longed to play for others again and feel the flow and connection to the keys.


I made a decision to break this cycle but to do this I knew I needed help.

When you get access to the right support it is incredible how quickly you can transform. Like a butterfly emerging out of a chrysalis, you are given the power of wings to take flight.

After my own experience of going from anxiety to flow, connection, and performing in front of large audiences (while actually loving every moment) I was on a new mission to help other pianists do the same.

I started talking about performance anxiety everywhere and was instantly struck with the two biggest problems….

Pianists feel stuck in this state of fear because they don’t want to admit they suffer with it. If they do, they are programmed to believe they just have to accept it.

I want to blow these myths out of the water, which is why I have had this innovative idea to do something entirely different to anything that is currently available to pianists.

I would like to invite you to be part of an exclusive Mastermind so together we can show the world that there is another way. Places will be extremely limited, so book a free no obligation discovery call with me today to find out if you are right for this programme and if the programme is right for you.

Those who are lucky enough to be part of this innovation can hope to:

  • Feel more confident in performance and life
  • Experience more freedom and flow
  • Experience more enjoyment, freedom and fulfilment in performance 
  • Experience less thinking and more clarity

There are only 10 spaces available and the journey begins on January 22nd 2019

The 3-month programme includes:

Weekly 90 min group coaching/Q&A calls

Weekly resources: recordings, videos, blogs

Exclusive facebook group for ongoing support

One 60 min one-to-one coaching ‘breakthrough’ call

Option to attend a one-day workshop in London

People who have worked with me have this to say:

‘Just to say yesterday went outrageously well…I’ve never had so many nice comments before. So thank you!!! The cellist said she looked over during the solo I was most worried about and she said I was smiling. I don’t think I’ve ever played that relaxed before.’

Sarah Harris


“Working with Christina was an effortless and illuminating experience. I began exploring the underlying beliefs that underpinned my relationship with the fear of public performance, and I was able to detach myself and observe my views on anxiety with clarity. This has provided me with a much more rational understanding of what anxiety is and my relationship with it. Whereas I used to fight to suppress it, now I have completely accepted it as a natural physiological and psychological response. Therefore, now I find myself approaching performances without fear but rather with anticipation. Although I still do get ‘nerves’, it isn’t accompanied by a sense of impending doom! Instead, I feel more alive and more focused when performing than ever before.”



“I can honestly say without a doubt that Christina has helped me loads already. She explored some of the main reasons for my performance anxiety – things I hadn’t even realised before, and she helped me reframe these which have enabled me to move forwards. In doing so, I now have more confidence to make videos of myself playing and embark on my performance diploma. Christina is a lovely lady, very professional, polite and kind mannered yet extremely effective in her approach.”

Natasha Prendergast


So are you ready to be on the leading edge of performance psychology?

Are you ready to create a real meaningful connection to yourself, your passion, to others, to the piano, to the music and the audience?

Are you ready to experience powerful collective support and to actually have fun and enjoy the process?

Are you ready to discover your true self and authenticity?