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As an international speaker, I have presented talks and workshops for prestigious organisations and institutions in Europe and the US.  I design bespoke presentations, workshops and retreats for organisations, institutions, festivals and conferences around the world. I look at how we can optimise our understanding of our psychology and innate mental wellbeing to perform at our highest potential. I love presenting as it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge, skills and experience in performance to create an impact for a wide range of performing artists.

Find out how I can help your performers to achieve more confidence, success and fulfilment, and perform at their highest potential. 

Helping Performers to Succeed, Thrive and Be Themselves on Stage


I have a deep understanding of performance from multiple perspectives, from my varied experience as a performance coach, hypnotherapist, musician, teacher, entrepreneur and speaker. As an experienced orchestral freelance musician I understand the complex dynamics of an orchestra, the pressure to be on top of your game, the pressures of touring and busy schedules, and how this translates right across the music industry. I understand how stress and anxiety can play a huge part in preventing a musician from succeeding in their career and feeling fulfilled. I have presented to some of the World’s top orchestras and arts institutions to help their musicians to succeed at the highest level, thrive and love what they do.


My experience as a solo pianist and piano teacher means that I understand the challenges which are particularly common for pianists. I have worked with pianists of all levels in many different settings, through workshops, masterclasses and presentations. I love to explore with them how they can find the freedom to express their true self and come alive on stage without experiencing doubt, fear, anxiety or stress. For pianists who have issues with performance anxiety, I run a transformational piano retreat at Finchcocks in Kent (UK), to help with confidence, freedom and flow.