How To Prevent Nerves From Ruining Your Performance

   Webinar For Pianists


Are your shaky hands failing you?


  • Do you make too many mistakes in performance because of nerves?
  • Do you put lots of work into practice but find nerves let you down in performance?
  • Does your heart pound every time you think about performing?
  • Do you avoid performing at all costs, or drag yourself through your fear?
  • Have you tried coping strategies and techniques but still feel your nerves are out of control?




Get a handle on your nerves

Join me in this 45-min webinar where you will learn how to:

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Reprogramme your response to fear
  • Optimise the benefits of adrenaline
  • Gain perspective over thoughts and feelings
  • Reduce mental and physical effects of performance anxiety
  • Improve your performance