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Performing To Your Potential Isn’t Always Easy

I help you to remove mental blocks to performance so that you can experience greater confidence, focus, freedom and flow.

I work with people at the very top of their game in music and the arts, leadership, and those who want to aim high in life. I help you to succeed in performing under pressure without insecurity, anxiety or fear – whether on stage, in an audition, in the boardroom, during a presentation, or in any other area of life where performance matters.

I help you find the freedom to be yourself so that you can become more successful and experience greater fulfilment as a result.

I offer talks, retreats, workshops and intensive one-to-one coaching to help you perform at your highest potential. Book a conversation with me to explore more.

"I feel more alive and more focused when performing than ever before."

"Playing in front of others used to be mortifying, conjuring up feelings of self-doubt and fear. After sessions with Christina, I now find myself more in flow..."

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Piano Performance

Music & Other Creative Arts 


Don’t Let Stress or Anxiety Stop You Performing at Your Best

Does it feel as though your identity is defined by what you do and dependent on how well you perform?

Do you feel great when you perform well but doubt yourself when you don’t?

Have you ever doubted whether you are good enough to do what you do?

Do you ever feel lacking in confidence, stressed or anxious?

Have you suffered depression, injury, illness, loss, or trauma which has affected your performance?

Have you lost your sense of direction, purpose or motivation?

Whatever stops you from performing at your best, I can help you to find the focus and clarity you need to perform consistently well, free from mental barriers such as anxiety, insecurity, worry and fear.

The success you experience will be a result of you being completely yourself, in complete connection with your pure innate potential to perform at the highest level possible.

Book a call with me to find out how I can help you find consistency, focus and freedom in performance.

High performance often comes at a high price. The pressure to stay on top of your game is huge. If something slips and your success, reputation and livelihood come under threat, it can feel as though your whole identity is coming unravelled for all to see.

You might start to feel insecure, underperform and lose enjoyment of performance and life, leading to depression and anxiety. Often, self-medication or self-sabotage become the only options before quitting, and this puts your mental health hugely at risk.

In some cases, the effects of stress and anxiety are more subtle, but can be equally frustrating to deal with when you know you are capable of much more.



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