Find Your Voice As A Pianist

Advanced Piano Performance Craft & Artistry One-To-One Online Programme

Find and express your musical voice 

  • Identify & release mental barriers to performance
  • Discover repertoire which makes you shine
  • Develop your stage presence
  • Craft your personal signature style
  • Build artistic integrity

Play With Panache & Precision

Performing as a pianist can be challenging and demanding. Even if you feel you are at the top of your game, mental barriers can creep in at any time, creating feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy or that you’re not able to play to your full potential.

During the course of our time together, I will help you identify and release any mental barriers which may be dampening your ability to play with focus, precision and mastery. You will discover your unique signature strengths as a pianist, develop a collection of repertoire where you can find your own voice, and craft your own signature style. We will work together to improve your stage presence and artistic integrity, so you can consistently embody a natural confidence, stage presence and artistry of the highest calibre.

What It Involves 

Over the course of around 6 months we will work together for one 3-hour immersion and 5 one-to-one sessions online over Zoom.

Booking is by application only. You will need to complete a detailed induction prior to the programme to make sure this is the course for you, and to create a solid foundation for our work together. This includes a brief initial call, submission of a detailed induction form and a consultation lesson. Subject to approval, I will then offer you a place on the programme.

Full Programme

  • 15-min Initial Call
  • Induction Form    
  • 90-min Consultation
  • 3-hour Immersion
  • 5 x 2 hr Sessions (monthly)

Programme Structure

Consultation Lesson

Establishing Where You Are and Where You Want To Be

We will use this session to establish where you are currently at, what you’re struggling with and where you would like to be. It’s also an opportunity for us to get a feel for each other and decide whether we could work well together. You are not committed to the programme at this point, until we both agree that it is a good fit for you.

During this initial session, we will work on some of your current repertoire and use this as a base for calibration. You should bring one or two major pieces that you are currently working on. These need to be pieces which you have already reached a basic level of fluency with, so that I can get a good feel for you as a performer. I will need to be informed in advance what pieces you will be playing, and you will need to provide a digital copy of the score well in advance of the lesson.

3-hour Immersion

Exploring Your Motivations, Dreams and Goals

We will begin by exploring your motivations, dreams and goals for your piano journey. By evaluating your aspirations, we can discern whether those dreams and goals are motivated by fear and a need for validation, or whether they are aligned by a positive motivation. This is very important, as it can be incredibly revealing about what might be affecting you from your past or recent experiences.

We can use this process to identify where you might be putting too much pressure on yourself and adjust things accordingly. Sometimes this might be as simple as giving yourself more time to work towards a particular goal. At the same time, we can identify where you may be under-stretching yourself and holding yourself back.

We will also use the time to begin to explore repertoire ideas and choose the initial pieces you would like to work on.

One-to-one Sessions

Each 2-hour session will take the form of a practical session, much like a standard piano lesson, with the addition of hypnotherapy-based exercises to address psychological barriers. Sessions will integrate each of the core elements below:


Identifying and Releasing Mental Barriers To Performance

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves which usually originate at an early age. These beliefs can create a narrowed perspective of your ability and how you see yourself as a pianist. Can you still hear echoes of your teachers or parents in your head from years ago?

Many pianists I have worked with have been left with mental scars from traumatic experiences during their early years and time at music college. These limiting beliefs are usually the root cause of performance anxiety, over/under-stretching, choosing repertoire which is either too hard or too easy, problems with memorisation, technical problems and believing you are never good enough.

We will work to identify what might be holding you back from true connection with yourself, the piano, your repertoire and your audience. Addressing how and what might be holding you back can open you up to your true potential where you are able to play to your greatest strengths, whilst challenging your perceived weaknesses.


Discovering Repertoire Which Makes You Shine

During the course of your programme, we will explore a range of repertoire which you feel a strong personal connection to. This may mean breaking away from the constraints of what you feel you ‘should’ be playing and instead choosing pieces where you can find your own voice.

This is an incredibly important component of the programme and you will have the chance to explore repertoire which fits your skill level, whilst still allowing you to improve and stretch your technique. You will be encouraged to explore unusual and less well-known repertoire to help you break away from convention and to allow you to blossom into an independent artist with a unique voice.

You will consider the historical context of the composers and pieces that you choose, along with the stylistic and harmonic language and use that to create a narrative which ties together your own personal connection with the music.


Crafting Your Personal Signature Style

Through the improvisatory exploration of sound, harmony, texture, style and tone, you will discover your signature strengths as a pianist. You will learn to shape your own personal style, using aspects of your personality and what makes you unique as a person. You will discover how to express exactly what you want through the music, whilst staying true to the composer’s intentions, style and context.


Developing Professional Stage Presence and Building Artistic Integrity

Stagecraft is the most important component of performance, and it’s far more than simply how you present yourself on stage. The whole preparation around a performance is your complete stagecraft ritual. You will learn how to refine this ritual to the finest detail, so that you always feel focused, organised, confident and ready before a performance.

How you present yourself on stage is indeed a very important aspect of stagecraft. It is your audience’s first point of connection and it can be incredibly revealing. It is a reflection of how you feel inside; your body will always reveal where you are not fully connecting to your art and your audience.

We will work with this information to help you to reconnect to yourself in a positive way and be more present to the moment. This centering in you can help you naturally embody a professional stage presence and artistic integrity which accurately reflects and expresses who you are.



FREE   15-min Initial Call

£100    90-min Consultation Lesson (Payable by card at booking) 

£900   3-hr Immersion + 5 x 2-hr Sessions  (Payable by card at booking. Payment plans can be arranged if necessary)



Before booking an initial call, I recommend you have a read of my FAQs below, which answer many of the questions you may have. Please also check you match the required pre-requisites* below. Your consultation will also serve as an audition, to confirm you meet the required standard.

When you are ready, click below to book your call. The purpose of the call is for you to find out whether the programme might be a good fit for you, before committing to the induction process.

Following our chat, you will then need to complete a detailed induction form and book a consultation. This is a chance for me to get a clear picture of where you are at, what you are struggling with and where you would like to be.  

Following your consultation, if we both agree that the programme is a good fit for you and we are a good fit for each other, you will then be able to book onto the programme.

*You must be a classically trained pianist of at least post Grade 8 ABRSM level or above (or equivalent), with the ability to commit to regular practice of at least 1-2 hrs a day


Who is the programme for? How do I know if the programme is suitable for me?

This is a programme specifically for advanced pianists of post Grade 8 ABRSM standard or above (or equivalent). Both amateur and professional pianists are welcome to apply. I have a detailed induction process which helps you to decide if the programme is a good fit. See further details in my booking section.

Will this programme help me with performance anxiety?

Yes. It can be effective enough to resolve more low-lying issues with performance anxiety. Since the whole course is structured around mastering performance, artistry and finding your own voice, you can expect to feel much more confident and at ease with your playing by the end of the course. I do offer a dedicated performance anxiety programme for those who need more targeted help. See further details here.

How is your approach different to a regular piano teacher?

My approach is performance-based, combining my skills as a multi-discipline musician, hypnotherapist and performance coach to impact change in you in a way which a regular piano teacher may not. It is a personalised, non-dogmatic approach which allows you to fully blossom into an independent artist. 

What should I bring to the consultation lesson?

You should bring at least one major piece that you are currently working on. This needs to be a piece which you have already reached a basic level of fluency with.

What will the sessions involve?

Each session will take the form of a practical session, much like a standard piano lesson. Sessions will integrate each of the core elements which include addressing mental barriers, stagecraft, repertoire, crafting your style, and building artistic integrity. We will be using some hypnotherapy-based exercises within the sessions, and your consultation and immersion sessions may involve more of a coaching/therapeutic approach with more dialogue away from the piano.

What if I’m already working with another teacher?

This is entirely your choice. However, bear in mind that we will be working in depth and you will be encouraged to break away from convention to develop your own style and repertoire. If you feel that the work with your current teacher may restrict our work, it may not be a suitable time to begin this programme.

How much repertoire will I be working on?

You can choose to work on as much or as little repertoire as you want. However, it is advisable that you have at the very least 3 major pieces for us to work with, for you to get the most out of the programme.  

Do I need regular performance experience?

It can be very useful for you if you have regular performances in your diary to gauge progress, try out ideas and to identify challenges. This could be formal or informal performances, or simply even a regular performance class which you attend.

Can I work towards a diploma or recital?

Absolutely. This programme is the perfect foundation and focus for working towards a major recital or diploma.

What setup do I need for the sessions?

A reliable internet connection is essential. I recommend a good microphone separate to your computer, which does not distort the sound and allows for as accurate a reproduction as possible. We will be using Zoom for all sessions. Please ensure you download the Zoom app prior to your sessions, so that you can test the settings. You may need to adjust audio levels as appropriate. Always enable ‘original sound’ and ‘high fidelity music mode’ where possible. Make sure that you test your levels prior to your sessions so you are ready. We can do a final sound check in the consultation.

Can I continue to work with you after the end of the programme?

You may decide that you would like to continue our work together, following the end of the programme. This is something we can discuss and arrange towards the end of completing your programme. 

How long will the programme last?

Your programme will last for around 6 months.

How often will the sessions be?

Sessions will be once a month.

Where will the sessions be?

Sessions will be conducted online over Zoom.