Freedom From Performance Anxiety

One-to-one online programme for advanced instrumentalists, singers and conductors

This powerful and life-changing hypnotherapy-based programme is designed to dramatically reduce the impact of anxiety on your performances

A Way To Freedom…

Is anxiety significantly affecting your musical performance? At the root of most performance anxiety is a personal belief structure far-removed from truth. Hypnotherapy pushes you to test that structure. By peeling back the layers, you discover what’s not actually true so you can change it for the better.

Strengthening those foundations opens you up to a whole new experience; one which firmly supports those new beliefs and is a true and accurate reflection of who you really are.

Freedom and ease can naturally return to your playing, as a byproduct of your new and updated belief system. This is how hypnotherapy works in a nutshell – it might seem like magic but it’s a clear and structured process.


FREE  Induction Form & Review

£50    Consultation  

£600  Full Programme

Full payment will be taken by card on booking your programme.

What It Involves 

Over the space of 2 months we will meet for 4 one-to-one sessions over Zoom. Sessions are focused and immersive with a clear structure for optimum impact. Most people can resolve their performance anxiety within this timeframe.

Occasionally, I may recommend a further follow up session only if we uncover more complex issues and need extra time. This is an add-on to the programme for an additional fee. Alternatively, the session can be requested by you at a later date if you feel you need additional support with integration.

Programme Structure

  • Induction Form & Review
  • 30-min Consultation
  • 4 x 90-min Sessions


While highly effective, this programme will not be a good fit for everyone. It requires a strong commitment and readiness to change, with the understanding that therapy is a partnership and by no means a quick fix. 

To help you decide whether the programme might be for you, I recommend you have a read of my FAQs below. When you are ready, click below to start your induction.

I have a comprehensive induction process and I will not recommend you for the programme if I do not believe you are a good fit. Where possible, I will try to refer you to another professional if appropriate.

Once your form has been submitted, reviewed and approved, I will contact you by email to arrange a consultation. The main purpose of this is to confirm your suitability for the programme and to see if we will be a good fit for each other. At the end of the call, if we both agree it’s a good fit, you can then book onto the programme.


Who is the programme for?

This is a specialist therapeutic programme for advanced adult instrumentalists, singers and conductors who are experiencing significant performance anxiety. The programme is open to both amateur and professional musicians who are currently performing at a high level. It is not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Hypnotherapy is not something which happens ‘to’ you, but a collaborative process. It focuses on self-empowerment and the understanding that you already have all the resources you need to make the changes you want. The programme will work for you if you are fully committed to changing and understand that change takes effort. There is no therapy which is passive; you have to be prepared to take an active role in your transformation. Therapy is a partnership, and as your hypnotherapist, I am simply there to guide and support you through the process.

I’m worried I can’t be hypnotised.

Everybody can be hypnotised. In fact, most people are surprised when they realise they’ve been in trance. It is not a special place which you need to reach. It is a natural state of altered consciousness, very much like daydreaming with your eyes closed. You will feel relaxed, but fully in control and aware of your surroundings. For the work that we do, only a light trance state is necessary for deep transformation. 

I’ve never had hypnosis before. What can I expect in each session?

It is normal to feel a bit apprehensive before your first session if you’ve never experienced hypnosis before. There is no need to worry as I will guide you through the process step-by-step. Most sessions begin with a brief dialogue, to establish key points for hypnosis. You will then make yourself comfortable in either a reclining chair, couch or bed and close your eyes. Some elements feel like guided meditation, and others will be more like a dialogue where you will respond to questions which help guide you through the process of transformation. We will check in at the end with a final dialogue (with eyes open) to tie everything together.

How long will the programme last?

The length of your programme will be spread across 2 months.

How often will the sessions be?

Sessions will be 2-3 weeks apart.

Do I need to set aside time before and after sessions for self-reflection?

It is a good idea to block off at least half an hour before and after each session to allow space for mental preparation, reflection and insight. It can be disorientating or overwhelming if you rush into your sessions, or if you’ve had a particularly intense session and then dive straight into something else afterwards. Your mind and body need to be relaxed and focused for you to get the most out of your sessions.

Is it best to do the programme when I have some performances in my diary?

Although not necessary, regular performances can give us something to work with and a way of calibrating changes. Bear in mind that while you may experience a significant change in your performances while we are still working together, the greatest and most transformational change usually happens in the weeks and months following your programme when you have had the chance to process and integrate your transformation.

Is there any work between sessions?

Most of your transformation will happen through subconscious work, therefore any conscious work you do outside of sessions will be very light and usually involve listening to a short audio or writing in a journal.

Will I need my instrument for any of the sessions?

Occasionally clients find it beneficial to bring their instrument for a session or two. However, it is usually not necessary, particularly if you are already performing regularly.

How soon can I start to see improvements in my performances? What level of results can I expect?

Some people experience quite significant changes during the programme itself, but most see the biggest changes in the months following the end of the programme. The course of change is never linear, and is a continuous process. Integration of the changes you have made during the programme can take time. The most impactful changes you experience will depend on how open and willing you are to continue to transform your limiting beliefs and patterns beyond the end of the programme. This will require a consistent level of insight and awareness. There are likely to be ups and downs, but the most important ingredient for long term success is a willingness to be open, and the belief that you can continue to transform on a subconscious level.

How do I know if the programme is right for me?

I don’t recommend anyone for the programme if I do not believe they are a good fit. Before booking, you will have completed a detailed induction which will assess your suitability for the programme. This is a good chance for both of us to see if we will work well together.

What setup will I need for the sessions?

A good internet connection is essential. It is important to set up in a quiet space where you know you will not be disturbed. Turn off any notifications and sounds on your device or in the room which could disturb you. I recommend having a comfortable chair which reclines (and which can cradle your head and neck) or a couch or bed which you can fully lie back on. You will need a device with a large screen such as a computer, laptop or tablet, with the ability to angle it so that I can still see you on the screen. Headphones are essential – wireless are ideal so that you are not tethered but make sure they are fully charged! A blanket can be useful too, if you think you will get cold.

Is online hypnotherapy safe?

I have professional protocols in place to ensure the safest possible environment for your sessions. It is equally your responsibility to make sure you have the recommended setup before each session and follow my guidance in case we lose connection. We will use part of the induction call for this purpose, so that you can become comfortable with your setup and any adjustments you may need to make. Online hypnotherapy is perfectly safe with the right measures in place.  

Is online hypnotherapy as effective as being in the therapy room?

Absolutely. In fact, it can be even more effective since it requires more focus and effort on both sides of the screen! You also have the added benefit of being in your own space, and many people find that it helps them to fully relax and let go.

Tamsin Arai Drake

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