Get Out of Your Head and Into Flow 

FREE Hypnosis Download For Pianists

Do you:

  • Prepare well in practice but struggle with nerves in performance?
  • Feel afraid of making mistakes and being judged?
  • Feel you are losing your passion for the piano because of nerves?

What if you could:

  • Break free from the physical effects of anxiety
  • Calm your mind before performing
  • Tune out of your inner critic and experience a new perspective in your performances
  • Improve your ability to access your natural flow state

Are you like me?

My nerves used to make me panic so much that I’d almost forget how to play A SINGLE NOTE.

I loved playing and desperately wanted to share my passion with others. 

But the anxiety was debilitating and I never believed I could change.

That whole belief was blown out of the water when  I discovered the power of cognitive hypnotherapy.

It transformed my ability to perform and inspired me to  train as a therapist and coach. Now I help other musicians too.

Did you know you can rewire your brain?

With hypnosis you can rewire negative pathways in your brain. This can happen through the power of suggestion alone.

You can deprogramme limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

This makes way for more positive ones which keep you in flow and out of your head when you perform.