Retreat For Pianists

Refine your stagecraft skills, reduce anxiety and rebalance your mind & body

Finchcocks – Kent UK

(2023 Dates TBC)

Christina Cooper Piano Retreat

This transformational experience can help you release anxiety, tension and stress and connect deeply with yourself, your musical purpose and your unique voice as a pianist. 

Spend 4 days immersed in the stunning setting of Finchcocks, with its collection of 9 fine grand pianos. Join fellow pianists to grow, create, collaborate and celebrate what you love doing together.

2023 Dates TBC.

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“It exceeded my expectations. One of my best ever experiences”

“The whole experience felt very good for the soul”

“The weekend had a big impact on me”

“Memorable and life-changing”

“I have a new sense of calm”

“Truly transformational”

Reconnect With Yourself, Your Piano, Your Audience

Learn how to surpass negative and distracting mental chatter so you can:

  • Play freely and easily
  • Feel more confident in yourself and in your performance
  • Express what you want to say with the music
  • Feel relaxed and in flow
  • Demonstrate technical and artistic flair 
  • Find and express your own musical voice

What’s Included:

  • Group performance coaching 
  • One-to-one performance coaching
  • Piano masterclass
  • Group hypnosis meditation
  • All luxury meals and refreshments by private chef
  • 3 night’s accommodation in luxury ensuite double bedroom
  • Exclusive access to 9 beautiful and well-maintained grand pianos
Christina Cooper Piano Retreat