Wellbeing Workshops For Music Organisations, Orchestras & Institutions

Support your musicians through performance and career challenges, build resilience and boost mental wellbeing
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Creating An Environment Where Musicians Can Thrive

If you’re looking to provide an environment for your musicians to grow, develop and thrive, they will need to feel supported and nurtured in their wellbeing. It’s now more important than ever to equip musicians with the skills and knowledge they need for optimum wellbeing, so that they can perform at their highest potential, thrive and truly enjoy every aspect of being a musician.

Using a therapeutic approach, I can help to educate and inspire your musicians to become the best version of themselves. My understanding of performance comes from multiple perspectives, drawn from my varied experience as a performance coach, hypnotherapist, musician, teacher, and entrepreneur. I understand the complex dynamics of an orchestra or chamber group, the challenges of a solo career and the stress of being a freelance or touring musician.

I look at how stress and anxiety affects both performance and fulfilment, and how musicians can optimise their psychology to improve performance, overcome career challenges, build greater resilience and boost their overall wellbeing as a musician.

I design bespoke presentations, workshops and retreats for organisations, institutions, festivals and conferences around the world. If you’d like to hire me for your organisation, click to get in touch and we can have a conversation.

Christina Cooper