Performance Academy

Find, Shape And Express Your Unique Musical Voice

Online instrumental lessons and specialist one-to-one performance programmes for young musicians, amateurs and professional musicians

The art of performance is a skill which extends far beyond just the technical mastery of your instrument. Communicating clearly and confidently on stage requires a centred, highly focused and uncluttered mind. This centring helps you deeply connect with your instrument, yourself and your audience to create a moving and memorable experience.

Often, rigid classical performance traditions and remnants of unresolved issues from early on in your musical journey and training can linger unknowingly in your subconscious mind, interfering with your performance. You may experience anxiety or self-doubt, put extra pressure on yourself or not push yourself hard enough, for fear of failing.

At my performance academy, I offer specialist online instrumental teaching and performance coaching programmes to help you move beyond mental barriers, break free from status quo and blossom into a self-assured and free-thinking musician.

See below for full programme details.

Freedom From Performance Anxiety For Performing Musicians

A powerful and effective one-to-one online hypnotherapy-based programme for advanced instrumentalists, singers and conductors to reduce music performance anxiety

Find Your Voice - Performance Craft & Artistry For Advanced Pianists

A hypnotherapy-based one-to-one online piano performance coaching programme to increase technical and musical mastery and eliminate mental barriers

Preparing For The Profession - Performance Mastery For Young Musicians

A one-to-one online course in performance mastery for young musicians preparing for music college

Online Piano & Double Bass Lessons At The Performance Academy

Intermediate-advanced online instrumental lessons for passionate & dedicated musicians of all ages

Pianist's Retreat

A restorative and transformative retreat for adult pianists to refine stagecraft skills, reduce anxiety and rebalance mind & body

Christina Cooper